P S 1 I N T E R I O R

The Interior installation is a distillation of my obsessions with abandoned spaces. My purpose is to share the beauty of exploring these buildings ­ the discovery, the fear, the feeling of emptiness. I have created an environment that interprets these dark, lonely, dramatic and silent areas. The surfaces are smooth and dense, the space claustrophobic and grand.

Interior physically engages and challenges the viewer ­ interpreting a site-specific piece in a way that will engage even the most disinterested gallery-goer. The space magnifies how physical constraints affect emotional responses and intellectual perceptions. The ramp poses a challenge to answered ­ conflict is embraced as an inevitable reoccurrence that exists to be conquered. This moment of calculation, the still time of thought between action and the consequence, is the work.

Interior commands that a normal intellectual process be decomposed into ones that are more primal. The banality of infrastructure balances the endless film loop. An abandoned setting with chambered sound, Interior explores inner fears of obsolescence.